Brand Concept

CW-X FOR ALL SPORTS – To support all people’s body movement

CW-X is a brand which created for supporting all people’s body motion.

Human will have different kinds of stress during body movement.
CW-X’s conditioning wear acts a part of your body for body regulation. It is a brand which can reduce the uncomfortable and the tried of muscles so that our body motion will become smoothly. Not only for do exercise, but also working, life style, travelling or house working etc. CW-X can be worn during every different scene.

Born from the idea of “placing the concept of taping into sport tights”

The most representative item – sport tights in CW-X is came from this idea.
Base on the investigation from Wacoal Human Science Research Centre (WHSRC), we combined the concept of taping with our developed girdle technology. In 1991, our first sport tights was born.Nowadays, not only make full use of the concept of taping, but also Wacoal’s unique technology and materials, we have developed a varies series for our collection.”



CW-X can support our upper body

The concept of taping “JYURYU TOP” is developed for support upper back to improve posture, balance and arm motion and enhance a greater efficiency of movement. The design specially targets the trapezius muscles……

CW-X Bottom

CW-X can support our lower body

CW-X’s products contain our unique technology which developed by our huge data base from WHSRC. That is a technology which can provide a support on our muscle by the application of the concept of taping ……

CW-X Parts

CW-X can support specific parts of body

Not enough body warm up or repeating a same movement will increase a load on our muscle. During exercise, the stress such as “feel tired”, “difficult to move” are become easier to occur. To minimize……

CW-X Bra

CW-X can support our bust

It is a customary way for the majority of women to wear the sports brassiere during exercise. However, is it an efficient way to protect your bust by just wearing a sports brassiere, such as a tight one one, a suppressed one or……

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