CW-X.COM.HK(hereafter known as “Our Company”), defines the following policy terms to appropriately protect and manage customer-provided personal information (includes name, address, email address and telephone number) for this website

  • Personal Information Access

    Our company requests personal information provided by clients for portions of contents hosted on this website for certain circumstances, including prize competition participations, surveys and enquiries.
    Under these circumstances, the purpose of use for personal information is explicitly stated, and only after client consent, is personal information within appropriate limits requested.

  • Personal Information Management

    To prevent the leak, alteration, loss and unauthorized usage of personal information, our company abides by the corresponding laws, policies and guidelines, striving and maintaining security measures, strictly safeguarding personal information.

  • Personal Information Use Policy

    We will make prior established scope of use for personal information, except in circumstances that include client approved cases and indistinguishable client data use (includes statistical use) cases.

  • Personal Information Communication to Third Parties

    Our company will not provide nor disclose communication of personal information to third parties except in circumstances that include client approved cases; outsourced services to affiliated service providers that practice private confidentiality; and legislation from judicial and public administration institutions requiring information disclosures.


    Cookies are authenticated data stored within the browser that the server sends information to the user’s browsers, for the purpose of efficient website function. To enhance provision of data and services to customers for more convenient use, our company may use cookies for this website.
    Under these circumstances, customers whose browser settings configured to reject the receipt of cookies may also reject cookies issued by our company. Please be advised, this may result in improper function of services within our website.

  • Legal Compliance

    Our company abides strictly to the laws concerning to private information and company established regulations.